Photo of Conor Wisentaner

Conor Wisentaner

ICSMSU: Academic Officer (Clinical Years)

Hey everyone! My name is Conor and I’m running to be your next Academic Officer for Clinical Years. During my time on the SU as Vice Chair of Volunteering and Academics I’ve learnt a lot that I believe I can apply to the role of Academic Officer for Clinical Years.

In my role this year I’ve been involved in the financial side of the mock exams through budgeting. As a result I feel I have an understanding of the organisation required for these events. I’ve also developed my event organisation skills by helping to organise events such as the careers fair. I believe I could apply these skills to the organisation of the mock exams, one of the main duties of the Academic Officer. Additionally, this year I’ve been representing clubs and societies in meetings with ICU and would really appreciate the opportunity to represent the wider student body to faculty, working to improve the student experience during the clinical years.

If elected I would:
• Collaborate with the academic societies to organise mock OSCEs and PACEs
• Work closely with the welfare team on SU as often academic and welfare issues can overlap. Additionally encouraging the academic reps to work closely with the welfare reps to design feedback forms together
• Keep the Notebank for years 3,5 and 6 up to date

I’m really interested in being your Academic Officer and making sure that your clinical years run as smoothly as possible. I hope you consider voting for me!