Photo of Elena Torrell Pedreira

Elena Torrell Pedreira

BioMedical: President

I am Elena Torrell: a current second-year student and social secretary!
By being involved this year in the BioMedical committee I got to understand how it is run as well as learned from other committee members and companions.

In the academic field, I would like to:
1. Be on the same page with the academic officer and improve our notes resource platform and tutorials - promoting helping each other among different years
2. Make sure that students are currently informed about changes in the course while keeping strong feedback from students to staff ensuring that actions are taken.
3. Establish a net of contact with further years to reach them out for future pathways questions

Outside the academic field, I aim to:
1. Improve BioMedical attendance to social events by making them suitable for what everyone wants - from opportunities to attend biomedical conferences to nights out
2. Make sure that everyone feels comfortable among both the IC and ICSMU community
3. Improve media communications by adding regular updates about new biomedical research

I consider myself a really approachable person and open to listen to everyone!
Thanks for your attention and hopefully I got your vote! :)