Photo of Daria Petca

Daria Petca

Women in SET: Liaison

Hello! My name is Daria-Mihaela Petca and I am a first year Computing student. I admire Women in SET and what this society does in order to encourage young girls to follow careers in STEM and also to help them be more confident in their choices and abilities.

When I was in high school I took part in a Gender4STEM Erasmus+ Project which aimed to tackle the low representation of girls in STEM education and careers with one of the main reasons for this being stereotypes. My purpose in this project was to act as a role model for a younger female generation to prove that it is possible to be a girl and be successful in a STEM field. Not only were we able to reach many girls but also changed the teachers’ point of view and their way of interacting with girls in order to help encourage them to follow a STEM career. Also in high school, together with my Physics teacher, we established a Robotics club where everyone from all specializations was welcome to join and develop their curiosity for technology.

I am hardworking and a passionate advocate for women pursuing careers in STEM and I am confident that my experience will make me suitable for this position as I am professional and persuasive, both skills which benefit my interaction with the Industry. I love the mission of this society and I think I will make a good liaison.