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Selena Linden

Women in SET: Event Organiser

Hello! My name is Selena Linden and I am a first year student in Mathematics. A few years ago, I realised that the scientists I was learning up until then in my education, at school or in my favourite textbooks, were nearly all male: Newton, Euler, Bohr...
That struck me.
Not because of the historical gender imbalance present in the scientific community; this I was already fully aware of. What really struck me was the daily impact it had on young girls' confidence, starting with myself. Indeed, as a child, I had many interests; I loved piano, enjoyed subjects such as French literature and was a keen Spanish linguist. So when I told most of my peers and family that I wanted to study Mathematics at university, they were all surprised. Surprised that I, the 'Humanities/Arty' girl they had labelled me as could do science. I also found out that as a girl I did not have much confidence in me, and even less so to voice out my interests. Fortunately, my mother did scientific studies at a very selective sixth form in France. So I knew it was possible, to be a girl, do maths, and go to a top university. But what about the women who don't have role models to look up to? By standing up for Women in SET, this is exactly what I set out to do: to create a network of women in SET to lean on and be inspired by. Email is: