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Jiacheng Ruan

Consultancy: Vice President: Events

Hi Everyone:

I am Jack from Material. I worked as an Event Associate this year and made my contribution to many events including the UK Casestudy Competition last week. I am quite familiar with what I am supposed to do in this position and what are the expectations to me from others.

I have experience organising events. I was the President of Imperial College Mandarin Debate Society and led the organisation of the largest mandarin debate competition in the UK, receiving 150 debaters from 16 different universities across the country. I can always provide a high-quality event even when the budget is tight.

In terms of the events for the Consultancy Society, I believe there are 2 points which have potential for improvement. First, for those company presentations, a frequent case this year is that there were too few attendants. I want to solve the problem by working more closely with different nations' societies (e.g. CSSA). The more people attending the events, the more people will benefit from this society. Second, I want to invite more companies to present here at Imperial. The companies should not be limited to only those who have a London office. I want to introduce more events relating to consultancies in other regions(e.g. Europe, South East Asia or the Middle East). I believe more people will find those events helpful given Imperial has such a diverse range of students.

Thank you and vote for me if you want to see those changes in place!