Photo of Alberto Garcia Sinobas

Alberto Garcia Sinobas

Consultancy: President

Dear Consulting society members,

I am Alberto Garcia, a penultimate year Civil Engineering student, running to be your Consulting Society President.

I am passionate about consulting and the problem-solving scenarios it represents. Having developed an extensive knowledge on this field and having participated in different MBB processes, I want to help members develop this passion for the problem-solving cases which they would encounter on consulting firms' application processes and job roles.

I will direct the committee to establish a learning course at the start of the year, to prepare all members of this society for interviews (Not only for the cases, but also for the assessments and personal fit part). In order to help the society grow, new sponsorships will be set up to subsidise events (Much more than this year!) with more and better speakers. More informative emails will be sent to members on a weekly basis informing about job openings and upcoming events.

My past experience on McKinsey interviews, as well as leadership roles in my department (CivSoc treasurer and year-representative), lead me to believe I am the correct candidate to carry out the changes which this society needs. As president, I will lead the team towards these changes in a professional, structured and charismatic manner.

I love the consulting world and the challenges it brings, and I hope to transmit my enthusiasm to next year's members.

Thank you for reading this manifesto, and I hope to create an open, learning and transformative environment through the aforementioned targets.