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Aparna Pillai

Women in SET: President

Hey guys!

My name is Aparna and I am a second year Physics student.

I have been part of WSet ever since my first year at Imperial. I am humbled by my current position as Events Officer working alongside talented and driven women. My responsibilities in this role have given me insight into the organisational aspects of the annual events that WSet organises which would help support a transition to this role.

Alongside this, I am also humbled to be the current president of Unicef-on-Campus and TEDx. Being part of these societies has taught me the importance of collaborative efforts, ensuring the well-being of a committee, being organised and learning how to act in situations of high stress which are all skills relevant to this role.

If elected as president, I hope to carry forward WSet’s strong bonds with its prestigious sponsors that provide our members with various opportunities. I also hope to maintain the core values of the society by remaining completely inclusive while celebrating the presence of women in STEM fields. Finally, I would also like to increase the member participation with annual events because I strongly believe that what WSet has to offer its members is worth being heard.

I really care to make sure that the goals of my committee and the needs of my members are met and I am willing to put in the time and energy required to ensure this.

With love,