Photo of Emily Deng

Emily Deng

ABACUS: Publicity Officer

Hey there! I’m Emily Deng and I’m running for Publicity Officer for 2020/2021 ABACUS committee. As a first year medic, ABACUS has given me the opportunity to burst out of my 'medic bubble', allowing me to meet people from all different courses and backgrounds. I’ve met some of my closest friends here and have made some amazing memories with them (at least from what I can remember).

So you might be wondering why I’ve chosen to run for PO. Though I must admit I’m no expert in digital art, I have steadily learnt how to use photoshop software and I am confident that I can create awesome tickets and banners that can represent Imperial ABACUS and make you all proud. I also enjoy doing art in my free time, hence me being a loyal member of the imperial Art Soc (though ABACUS will always come first in my heart and schedule). Now I know as PO you will all expect good photos, well don't worry girls and boys I know how to get all your good angles and sides (worthy of reposting on your Insta stories).

I have a through understanding of the responsibilities that being PO involves and hope to support all the members next year and deliver some tickets you won’t ever want to throw away! So vote me for PO!