Photo of Lucas Russell

Lucas Russell

Physics: Vice President

Hi, I’m Lucas, your current Physoc Secretary.

Having spent a huge amount of time on the committee with the current Vice-President and President I have a great understanding of what’s required of this role. I would need to offer help and guidance to any and all committee members to ensure everything is running smoothly, whilst aiding the president in steering the society.

Maybe it’s because Luke has taken advantage of my enthusiasm, but I’ve completed many tasks above and beyond my secretary role requirements. Just to name a few, I’ve:
• Given lecture shout outs advertising our events
• Introduced a Frontiers speaker
• Spoken at the January conference
• Chased up committee members ensuring completion of their tasks.

PhySoc has done well this year, offering multiple new events, and breaking attendance records with its repeated ones. But there is still plenty of room for improvement and I want more from 2020/21!

If fortune enough to be elected, I will:
• Ensure we deliver consistent and wider reaching publicity
• Hold more non-alcoholic events
• Increase our collaboration with other societies
• Improve PhySoc’s collaboration with departmental reps to help mitigate the poor student satisfaction
• Reinforce the mums and dads scheme with more socials throughout the year

along with much, much more I couldn’t fit in this word limit.

My in-depth understanding of all the committee roles, means I would be perfectly suited to support and manage our next committee to ensure we deliver the best student experience possible.

Thanks for taking the time to read this