Photo of Nesha Vuriti

Nesha Vuriti

Entrepreneurs: Ordinary Member


My name is Nesha (2nd Year Materials Science and Engineering) and I am running to be your Imperial Entrepreneurs Ordinary Member.

It is a role that is incredibly flexible and needs a variety of skills and experiences that I strongly believe I have.

Currently, I am IC Head of Marketing for Women in Business for which I have been writing and editing newsletters for the society as well as managing their event campaigns across all social media platforms and as current Softball General Manager for IC Baseball, I help coordinate the committee and assist with leading training sessions.
Additionally as Materials and President’s Ambassador, I understand the duties and responsibilities that come with representing Imperial Entrepreneurs in front of external organisations. Both roles highlight my competence in communication and organisation.
Lastly, being a student brand ambassador for the startup Sharensplit has given me a unrivalled insight into the world of entrepreneurship and business.

If elected, I hope to assist in running a successful committee next year.

Thank you and please vote for me!