Photo of Erik Henriksson

Erik Henriksson

Entrepreneurs: Chair

Hi everyone, my name is Erik Henriksson and I am running for Chair of Imperial Entrepreneurs. I am currently the senior events manager of Imperial Entrepreneurs. This means that I was responsible for the vast majority of our events this year including all of our entrepreneur talks and London Start-up Fair which hosted 40 start-ups and had over 2000 attendees. I have a passion for entrepreneurship and am currently getting involved with an early-stage AI start-up called Codabl.

I am running with Luis Wenus, the current Chair of Imperial Entrepreneurs. Luis and I have worked closely this year where my responsibilities evolved to extend far beyond just events. I have gained a thorough understanding of our group and our members which places me in an excellent position to drive our group forwards as chair.

Our plan for next year:
• Continue the series of talks by some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country which this year featured companies such as Snapchat, Babylon Health and Entrepreneur First.
• Provide a platform which can facilitate collaboration between budding entrepreneurs at Imperial.
• Run competitions with sponsors to fund new start-ups
• Host workshops to boost your foundational technical skills which are key to getting your start-up up and running.

Vote for me and Luis to ensure that next year’s entrepreneurs society is active with a diverse range of events and opportunities for you to get inspired, grow your entrepreneurial drive and learn crucial technical knowledge.