Photo of Sanjana Murali

Sanjana Murali

Friends of Médecins Sans Frontières: Secretary

Hello! My name is Sanj and I am a second-year medic looking for your vote to be MSF's secretary this year! Having been on MSF committee for a year already, I am familiar with MSF and how its run, and I am as passionate as I was when I joined as a Fresher Rep! I would be in an excellent position to support the society, having been part of organising events such as Expression without Borders, and having seen the work that goes into making MSF as successful as it is. I'm dedicated to MSF, having been a member of the society since my first year, as well as the youngest committee member this year. I am organised and passionate about MSF, and would love to send everyone emails about the incredible work MSF does! For this next year, I want to communicate with our members by engaging them in MSF related content through social media and bi-monthly emails. Following this, I also want to pioneer the Dog de-stressing event, which I am already in the middle of planning this year. Finally, I really want to be involved in managing and communicating with the Fresher reps, as well as furthering communication between the MSF groups in other universities. Having formed these inter-uni connections this year, I would love to be part of strengthening and stabilising them so we can grow our society even more and educate people on all the amazing work that MSF does.