Photo of Isabella Breslin

Isabella Breslin

Electrical Engineering: Vice President (Events)

I'm a 2nd Year EEE student and I have been one of EESoc's Events Officers for 1 year now and would love to continue organising events for you all. After a very popular Bar night and Pub crawl, I would love to continue to create more events such as these in the future.

Studying this degree can be hard, but why should we let that stop us from having good socials? I believe there is a need for events to bring us together and get to know each other outside of labs and lectures and just have some fun. I would like to create some more wholesome events to meet people such as more dinners as a society or visits to things such as escape rooms or trampoline parks or more events to get you involved, such as mini competitions.

I myself enjoy socials and love meeting lots of new people and I want to try to further improve the number and quality of EEsoc events, to build stronger connections in our department.