Photo of Alex Auyang

Alex Auyang

Council Chair

Council is meant to represent the voice of students when making the policies of our Union. While it does this for the most part, significant changes must be made to improve Council’s ability to fulfil this aim.
As this year’s RCSU president, I’ve spent my fair share of time on Union Council and its subcommittees. The issue with Council is that the student body, which it is meant to represent, knows little of its activities or decisions.
This shouldn’t be the case, especially given that the Union’s policies affect us all, and the implementation of new policy can enact great positive change.
I want to amplify the common student’s ability to shape our Union by spreading awareness of Council and its associated policies. In addition, I will ensure that Council runs smoothly using my experience as a senior volunteer and Council member.

To increase participation, I would:
- Improve accessibility of Union policy for all students to view.
- Enact a strategy to increase student awareness of Union Council and its activities, while also encouraging more
students to submit papers.
- Increase training of Council members and provide extensive supplementary documentation.
In addition, I resolve to:
- Hold sabbatical officers to account, and ensure that they are serving the wider student body.
- Run productive Council meetings, focusing on the key issues that students face.

As Council chair, I believe that I can make real change, fostering a more inclusive, fair, and effective student democracy.
Thank you for reading my manifesto.