Photo of Tianyu Wen

Tianyu Wen

Biochemistry: Departmental Academic Representative

Hi, fellow students. I am Tianyu Wen and a first-year biochemistry student. I have been representing my peers for the past 6 months as a year rep. I am grateful to have the opportunity to speak for my peers in the student-staff committee in the past half-year and hope to continue doing so for more students next year. I look up to our current academic dep rep. She is a great person and representative: she has been really helpful for me to integrate into the rep life and I hope to have the opportunity to help future reps adapting to their new roles next year as well. In addition, the step forward from a year rep to dep rep is a huge one and I am confident that I am capable of doing so. I have been in the student government in managerial roles ever since elementary school- it has been a habit for me to serve as a bridge between the school officials and fellow students. I am really passionate about bringing positive changes to my peers and me, myself do want to study in a more supportive environment at imperial and am happy to see changes brought by our cohort. I am really approachable and talkative- I am open to all opinions and suggestions, please just drop an email or WhatsApp message if you ever feel wanting to speak to someone regarding your studies. I am willing to help! Please feel my love and vote for me!