Photo of Isabelle Zhang

Isabelle Zhang

Biochemistry: Departmental Academic Representative

Hi everyone! I'm Isabelle, your current Dep Rep.

I really enjoyed representing you last year. I have:
- Been involved in every step of the planning of the Life Sciences Common Room (due to open at the start of Summer Term)
- Successfully created a Placement Year Rep position so that students going/considering a Placement Year are ensured that their issues can be addressed properly and timely
- Negotiated successfully for access to an increased number of past papers
- Consistently coordinate messages between the Department and students, including updates on Final Year Projects, strikes, and feedback issues.

Because I found it so fun (!), I hope to represent you again this year. I promise to continue relaying relevant information whilst fighting for a better academic experience for all of us. This will hopefully include:
- Proper management of the Common Room once it is open
- For timetables to be released earlier than the weekend before Autumn Term begins
- More academic resources for us to practice with in preparation for exams

In the past year I have tried my best to be approachable and listen to the concerns that every student has brought to me. I can assure you that this will continue to be the case, if not even better!

Thanks for reading!