Photo of Adrija Bhattacharyya

Adrija Bhattacharyya


Hi I’m Adrija and I am running to be your RAG Chair. Having been on RAG committee since my fresher year, I have demonstrated great commitment to RAG and have loved every minute.

I have experience that will help me run fun events for you:

• Two years of RAG committee has given me insight in what the role entails and how to work in a team.
• As social secretary for Music Soc I know how to run great and fun events.
• Having been on SU this year as VC Welfare, I understand the commitment involved with SU and the importance of organisation.

If elected, I will:

• Continue the traditional RAG event calendar and ensure you get a fab circle line t-shirt!
• Create fresher hype with an amazing RAG Day during Freshers
• Ensuring RAG runs diverse events with something everyone can enjoy.
• Collaborate with other university RAG chairs to create joint events such as a Valentine’s Ball with RUMS
• Support charity and volunteering work within ICSM such as Street Doctors by supporting their fundraising and sharing what they do on our social media.
• Introduce a secretary position to RAG committee, to help ensure smooth running of the committee

It would be an honour to be your RAG chair and I would love to organise your RAG calendar for the next year.