Photo of Nicole George

Nicole George

ICSMSU: Deputy President

Hi, I'm Nicole and I'm running for the position of ICSMSU Deputy President. The role allows me to continue to support our students and provide them with a voice to raise concerns and issues.

Having been ICSMSU's Entertainment Chair over the past year, I have developed a greater understanding of how ICSMSU works and how it integrates within ICU and the Faculty, to deliver on the needs of our students. Through my experience, I have expanded my skills of communication and delegation within a team. These allow me to assist the President to run an efficient and effective Union and to help implement your ideas into our discussion with Faculty and ICU. I believe that my skills and experience make a good candidate for this role.

If elected, I aim to:

- Improve transparency between the Student's Union and our students, through open-door policies and using our social media outlets for feedback, to create an easier environment for our students to reach out to their officers to raise any concerns or questions.
- Work alongside the President, to develop the SU officer training and to empower the SU officers by giving them the tools they need to fulfil their manifesto goals and answer your questions.
- Maintain our current initiatives to improve inclusivity for our students in all ICSMSU Streams of BMB, Welfare, Events, Clubs + Societies and Academics.

I am a reliable, experienced individual with the motivation to ensure that ICSMSU remains as successful as ever. I hope you vote for me!