Photo of Walter Shen

Walter Shen

RCSU: Broadsheet Editor

Hello! My name is Walter (he/him), and I’m a first year Mathematics student excited to stand for RCSU Broadsheet Editor. I hope this term at Imperial has been enjoyable!

Broadsheet is the science communication magazine of the Royal College of Science Union. It’s mission, in short, is to bring science, society, and the arts together! You might have seen my article on the London Tube in last term’s edition; look forward to picking up this term’s issue of Broadsheet soon, and check out my piece on election polling!

Us Imperial students often overlook the humanities, and especially writing. As a Imperial Horizons year representative for humanities and social sciences, I can attest to the importance of connecting our degree with modern events. Hence, Broadsheet! As our societal roles as scientists become more influential, it’s crucial to be able to creatively communicate as STEM students.

I’ve had the experience of writing under deadlines in all kinds of formats, for both Broadsheet and other literature. Having helped contribute to Broadsheet, I have the ability to lead a team of dedicated students to continue to produce the high-quality content published in every issue of Broadsheet. As Editor I will help students convey their meaningful messages as socially aware citizens of the world.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or good jokes! You can get in touch with me at On that note, please vote for me as your RCSU Broadsheet Editor!