Photo of Daniyar Ghani

Daniyar Ghani

RCSU: Vice President (Education)

Hello everyone! I’m Daniyar, and I want to represent your academic interests as students in the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

During my time as an academic rep, I have been working on the following department-wide initiatives:

• Learning resources: pushing for extra material such as video tutorials on difficult topics and problems
• Feedback collection: encouraging lecturers to use anonymous feedback boxes so students can voice their opinions at their convenience
• Study spaces: reviewing the current use of these and highlighting necessary changes

As your VPE, I aim to extend the above actions to the Faculty level, as well as prioritise:

• Curriculum Review: support incoming 1st and 2nd years with their new courses without overlooking the studies of years 3+
• Splitting across campuses: tackle the issues relating to travel between South Ken and White City
• Resource access: standardise resource availability across the Faculty (e.g. access to past exam solutions) and promote the sharing of study material between departments
• Transparency: ensure that reps regularly update their student cohorts (via email/group chats), so you will be aware of the changes affecting you

Thanks for reading. Vote Daniyar for RCSU VPE.