Photo of Albert Muljono

Albert Muljono

RCSU: Vice President (Education)

Hello! My name is Albert Muljono, and I am running to be your RCSU Vice President of Education! I am a driven and hard-working student who is dedicated to the improvement of the academic experience of all in the RCSU.

I served as the Departmental Representative for Biological Sciences and streamlined communication and feedback across different year groups for staff to promote continuous improvement of the course. I was heavily involved in the revision of the Y1/Y2 curriculum structure, acting as the key student member of the working groups. I emphasized that the course revision would involve feedback such as stronger conceptual foundations and more emphasis on applicable writing/numerical skills.

Now, I would like to enact change to a wider scale in the RCSU by being your next VPE. As VPE, I will ensure that the RCSU departmental and academic representatives are empowered and organized to reach out and find solutions between students and staff. I plan to build a transparent and powerful dialogue between the representatives and faculty. Between all the departments within the faculty, I will also build a sharing of best practices or creative educational tools. I will additionally collaborate closely with the other officers within the RCSU to enhance this community and plan events that allow students to socialize outside of their department.

It can be difficult to create change or have your voices heard, but if you vote for me, I will empower the RCSU on creating a better learning environment!