Photo of Mareya Saba

Mareya Saba

RCSU: Vice President (Activities)

Hey, I’m Mareya, a second year Physics student. This year I have had the privilege of being the RCSU Wellbeing Activities Officer, through which I have helped organise a good range of welfare events for the faculty, such as yoga and dog petting! Because of this, I feel I have gained a lot of experience in running events behind-the-scenes and I have a pretty good understanding of the formula for a successful event, which is why I am now running to be the Vice President of Activities. My goal would be to bring a bigger range of events for RCSU students next year, from smaller events like movie nights and socials to large ones like a formal Welcome Dinner. Another thing I would hope to do is to ensure our events have more funding from, for example, sponsors, enabling them to be bigger and better than ever. As such I am keen on making these activities much more subsidised and thus accessible to all of our students. I know just how important events can be in shaping your time at university, as a way to have some fun and feel more involved, so I’m hoping to help you make the most of what the RCSU can offer!