Photo of Chelsea Ngan

Chelsea Ngan

RCSU: Vice President (Activities)

Hi everyone! I wish to become your RCSU Vice President for Activities next year.

Having been in RCSU for 2 years, I really feel it is necessary to step up on promoting and advertising on RCSU events and providing them at more subsidized prices! RCSU can bring you the largest scale events yet a lot of us do not seem to know enough about the role of RCSU and the events it can bring you.

If elected, I will:
- Collaborate with other constituent unions or societies to bring larger scale clubbing events and formal dinners i.e. End of Year Party, Graduation Ball
- Organize more social events i.e. Axe Throwing, Bowling, Go Karting with subsidized prices
- Ensure sufficient promotion of events so you are aware of the fun that we can offer you
- Cut on wasted budgets and use them for new events or subsidizing tickets
- Coordinate RAG (charity) events and sports events across departments i.e. inter-department competitions

Having been Academic Events Officer in Biochemsoc, I would like to step up to organize larger scale events. I have also been RAG secretary. I believe my experience will help me organize events more swiftly and successfully and collaborate with i.e. RAG. I have also been Sponsorship Secretary in Netball Club, giving me experience in negotiating with large business firms and organizing career events.

I hope I can actively participate and help to make RCSU better, more active and get you more involved in our events! :)