Photo of Maya Lopez

Maya Lopez

RCSU: Vice President (Operations)

Hello, I am Maya Lopez - a fresher from Biological Sciences. I am half Japanese and American who served as a translator/Shrine-maiden back in Tokyo. My hobbies include ballroom dancing, jazz, and all things vintage and cultural!

One of the new things I tried this year was writing for Broadsheet (my first article regarding "Women's place in science"). Through debate and Model UN experiences in high school, I am very enthusiastic in communications, particularly in science communication. As a Life-Science student, I believe it is our responsibility to spread scientific literacy, especially in this age where that may be easily breached. As I familiarize myself with RCSU (including the motor-club with Jezz, our fire-engine mascot), I recognized other initiatives like Science Challenge with the same aim, all under the RCSU operation sector!

Operations VP will be in charge of facilitating the decisions and implementation of long term projects (ie operations) such as our magazine (Broadsheet) & communication competition (Science Challenge). I believe my former experience as a Student-council president/band-leader (aided with my genuine fascination towards the cause) will be an asset for me to run this division. Along with the guide I have (and will further) received from the current VP, I look forward not only facilitate but to expand these operations for more inclusivity/impact by:
- holding Broadsheet contest with prizes
- expanding the Broadsheet homepage with discussion forum
- providing information/support sessions for Science Challenge contestants
Thank you for your precious time; I certainly will try my best to meet your expectations. ;)