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Milun Nair

RCSU: President

Ey it's ya boi , Millie back at it again with Manifesto'ing

I'm second year Biology , if that matters a lot to you, but in actuality I feel like a lot of the RCSU could be run in a more intergrative way and would like to see that happen within the period of my time as an undergraduate here. I think that the RCSU could afford to be more well intergrated with the constituent department societies in particular. I am actively involved in Life Sciences common room committee and am actively trying to improve student experiences.Having served as Biosoc secretary, I think unlike many people, I'm uniquely prepared to deal with the worst of when societies fail and come from nothing. I can deal with the crisis management , that could arise at anytime and would be commited to making RCSU better for undergrads to come.

A vote for Millie as RCSU president would lead to these outcomes:

1. Establish better student communication
2. Continue to improve the financial situations of our constituent scoieties
3. Have a larger focus on the mental health of our members, and promote wellness within the department
4. Make RCSU more accessible to our students
5. Make RCSU for YOU