Photo of Francesca D'Agnese

Francesca D'Agnese

RCSU: President

Hi! I am Francesca, a second-year mathematics student, and I am running to be your RCSU president this year. With my experience as Vice President (Operations) of the RCSU, I hope to bring some change while preserving continuity with this year’s committee and what we’ve been working towards. I believe the RCSU should be a community that every scientist at Imperial feels a part of, and while this year we have organized several events to achieve this, we can always do better.
If given the opportunity to lead the RCSU, I will:
1. Continue to provide diverse opportunities for social events, including bar nights, pub quizzes, formal events and much more.
2. Foster communication between the academic and welfare representatives to ensure that good initiatives in one department are shared amongst the others
3. Repeat successful events organized this year, such as welfare week, autumn ball, RCSYou
4. Increase the level of feedback from the students in order to represent and implement your ideas in the best way possible
5. Continue to advocate and promote science communication through the Science challenge and Broadsheet
6. Bring notable scientists to our university to highlight the value of interdisciplinary communication
7. Keep up the relationship with the RCSA (our alumni association) and use the experience of the alumni community for the benefit of the students