Photo of Aparna Pillai

Aparna Pillai

RCSU: President

Hey guys!

My name is Api and I am a second year Physics student.

I first got involved in the union in my first year as an academic year representative and then progressed to become the departmental representative in my second year. These roles gave me an insight into the internal workings of a department and I feel deeply invested into making sure that you, my peers, are accessing the highest standard of education.

I am also humbled to have had the opportunity to be the president of two societies (UNICEF-on-Campus and TEDx) and an event organiser in WSet in my time outside of academics. These societal roles have given me insight into the organisational aspects of welfare and well-being events, similar to RCSU’s Roaring Revel, Peculiar 2020, RCS ’You’ events.

It goes without saying that if I am elected as president I will endeavour to represent each and everyone of you effectively. It is my ultimate goal to use my time as president to evoke the same sense of community that I have felt these last years. I want to bring back the friendly fun of faculty rivalries and collaborative efforts within the faculty SU, but most of all, I cannot wait to unite the student body within the faculty behind our shared goal of academic and welfare promotion.

With love,