Placeholder candidate photo

Arushee Kadam

Engineering Change: Social Secretary

Having unofficially acted as an Engineering Change Social Secretary for the past two terms, I’m excited to officially take on the role and expand my responsibilities now that elections are here. There are fundamentally three goals I have for the future: to expand our social media presence, to increase the scale of our events, and to bring our members closer as a committee.
I have been involved in planning events for charity since high school, where I lead a committee that ran fundraisers to support local non-profit organisations. Additionally, as part of EC, I’ve worked with more experienced members of the committee, who have helped me understand EC’s inner workings and responsibilities. This has developed my organisational and collaborative skills further, which I used to organise events for EC, and now I’d like to take this further.
If I am chosen as Social Secretary, I plan to increase our presence on social media. Beyond being a means of communication, social media can be used to generate enthusiasm about the projects and share the amazing work our society is doing. I have already started our presence on Instagram, and I intend to start posting regular photos and updates on each of the projects, so that the entire EC community is more tied together.
Finally, I’m planning on increasing the frequency and variety of socials and events, to ensure that in addition to working hard on our projects, our members have the opportunity to relax and have fun with each other.