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Angela Wang

Chemistry: Secretary

Hi everyone!! I’m Jielei/Angela, and I’m running for ChemSoc secretary! I would love to become part of the team that creates great experience for you chemists outside coursework ;)

From taking log of meetings to ensuring communication throughout the society, I find the work that comes with the role suits me because I like doing organisational work and keeping everyone up to date with new events. Also, I believe I can do a good job with my dedication, enthusiasm and sense of responsible. It may sounds boring, but I do have fun managing emails and calendars :)…

I also enjoy working as a team, so I would be a good team player! I will collaborate well with fellow committee members to provide everyone in ChemSoc with more fun and engaging events and opportunities, spanning from professional/academic talks to social events like the Dinner.

Also, besides being on the administrative side and doing housekeeping things, I feel that secretary is the one who works with everyone, either inside or outside the committee, quite closely and directly. I’m friendly, approachable, and supportive. I enjoy talking to people and being a good team player, so feel free to come to me with any queries or problems, and I’ll do my best to sort them out for you!

Please consider me as your ChemSoc secretary! It will be great to have your vote :D