Photo of Anuradha Kothalawala

Anuradha Kothalawala

Civil Engineering: Events Officer

Hello people of Civeng! I would like to run for CIVSOC events officer for the upcoming year as I am confident in my ability to bring the people the events that they want. Over the past years, CIVSOC events have transformed chronically depressing weeks into marvellously hilarious ones. From the cheerfully intellectual pub quizzes to the hurrahs of the end of year boat party, I wish to uphold the principles of CIVSOC to ensure that this years’ events are up to scratch. I also have ideas for new events that can be done throughout the year on top of the established range (all will be revealed at hustings)
If you don’t know me you’ve probably seen me going about my daily activities including but not limited to: going to the gym, doing a crossword, sleeping in lectures (lot less in 3rd year), downing a pint, or trying to explain a reference that absolutely nobody understands.
So if you like what you’ve read (or not >_<) Vote ANU for CIVSOC Events Officer 2020!!!
P.S. photocredits: Tahiru N. Gunasekara