Photo of Ewen Ward

Ewen Ward

BioChemistry: Secretary

Hello everyone! My name is Ewen, I'm in 2nd year and am running to be your BiochemSoc secretary next year!

I have been especially impressed with BiochemSoc this year who I felt have expanded and improved the society, providing fantastic opportunities for the students to socialise, support one another and provide a balance to the pressures of essays and coursework. In my 2nd year I have been more aware of what BiochemSoc has offered and have enjoyed engaging in events, from the Mums and Dads scheme to Ice skating. I would genuinely welcome the chance to continue and improve the society for current and future biochemists - so that you can really enjoy being part of the Biochemistry community and what it can mean in and out of our studies.

Given my previous experience in similar roles I believe I am a strong candidate for this position. During secondary school, I was the secretary for a successful Young Enterprise company. I fulfilled a key organisational role, arranging meetings, taking minutes and ensuring that deadlines were met. I have also worked in the hospitality industry where successful planning, teamwork and communication were essential in making both my and my colleague’s roles operate smoothly. I feel comfortable bringing these skills and experiences to BiochemSoc, where I look forward to putting them to good use to further the society’s development as part of next year’s team.

Vote for me for a bright and tight BiochemSoc next year!