Photo of Zoe Stamoulis

Zoe Stamoulis

BioChemistry: Vice President

Hello! I’m Zoe, a second-year biochemist who is running to be your BioChemSoc Vice President!

As an enthusiastic person who is motivated to continue with, and go beyond the amazing work that the current committee have achieved this year, I know that I am a dedicated person who will strive to reach the high expectations that have been set by our predecessors.

Some of you might know me from my active role in the RCSU this year on the activities committee as the RCSU Publicity Officer. I therefore have a good insight into working in a committee, organising events, and knowing how to engage with society-members to provide services and activities that you will truly value.

Through my experience of managing parts of your Constituent Union this year (which represents thousands of students), I know that I have the capability and the relevant skills to work on BiochemSoc, to continue with the legacy that this smaller, but extremely successful society has started. I also have a few of my own ideas with what I would like Biochemistry society to achieve within the next year, and am motivated to provide the best social, academic, and professional opportunities to you.

I feel strongly about providing an environment where people know that their voices are heard and respected, whether it be on the committee, or from every BioChemSoc member I will be representing. I therefore really hope to represent you in the coming year as your Vice President!

Thanks for reading my manifesto! :)