Photo of Chelsea Ngan

Chelsea Ngan

BioChemistry: Vice President

Hi everyone! I wish to become your Vice President next year. Alongside Catherine (Academic Events) and Jung-Eun (Sponsorship Officer) we want to bring you the best Biochemsoc ever!

Having been on the committee this year as Academic Events Officer, I hope you have enjoyed events we have brought you this year! Stepping up from Academic Events, I wish to become Vice President to make a larger difference and actively shape the events and opportunities Biochemsoc can bring to you.

If elected, I will:

⁃ Bring more career events including career talks from Biochemistry alumni, Biotech start-ups, research and non-research firms (consultancy, finance, business), career fairs and workshops
⁃ Expand on the collaboration with DocSoc for Python101
⁃ Improve on this year’s seminar series, invite top researchers in the field
⁃ Organize Biochemsoc trips i.e. day trips, academic or international trips
⁃ Organize more social events i.e. Bowling, Axe Throwing, Go Karting, Room Escape, Thorpe Park, Karaoke, dinners with subsidized prices
⁃ Arrange more events throughout the year for Mums and Dads
⁃ Collaborate with Biochemistry Societies from other universities for larger scale events like Valentine’s Masquerade

We would also like to build on communication between you the committee so we can bring events that YOU want!

I believe my experience as a part of Biochemsoc will help the society a lot. I have also been Sponsorship Secretary in Netball Club, giving me experience in gaining us sponsors so that we can have the finance to run larger scale events or subsidize more events for you!