Photo of Yuqing Wu

Yuqing Wu

Physics: Education & Lecturers Officer

Hi, I'm Yuqing, Theoretical Physics student.

As your Education and Lectures officer, I will be primarily responsible for coordinating the Research Frontiers lecture series. I will aim to invite the most engaging and passionate speakers from a wide range of research areas - so everyone can hear from their favourite field!

In addition, I will try to ensure the schedule for Frontiers is adhered to, as there have been cases where the speaker had to cut short the final slides of the presentation, or there isn't enough time for questions at the end. I will make the timings clear while communicating with the lecturers, and work with them to coordinate lecture slides, if necessary.

Finally, food - I will arrange a mix of sweet and savoury snacks at the end of each lecture, and make sure there is the right quantity of food so there is not a shortage (or wastage) near the end.

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