Photo of Logan Filipovich

Logan Filipovich

Physics: Education & Lecturers Officer

As Imperial students we are all here for the sole purpose to obtain a world class education and being at a university with such a high reputation in the academic world, there is no reason the lecturing and educational side of Imperial shouldn't match the high quality of research. As Education & Lecturers officer, I will ensure that every physics students is a priority to produce world class physicists for the department and not simply a source of income.

My role as Education & Lecturers officer will entail going out and organizing research frontiers that are not only interesting to students wanting to go into a specific fields but also ensuring that they are suitable for all years, making sure they engage students early in their physics degree but also the other end of the spectrum. If I was to voted into this role, I would also like to sort out the past papers and work with the department and students to produce mark schemes, as well as reorganizing them to fit the new course layout. Finally, I believe that the key to a good lecturer is the communication between the lecturer and the students and I will work with the society to ensure there is constant anonymous feedback to the lecturers, not only, for example, at the middle or end of the course.

Thank you very much for your consideration!