Photo of Koray Araz

Koray Araz

Chemical Engineering: Departmental Academic Representative

Hi! I’m Chris Koray Araz, a second year undergraduate student, and I am standing for the role of Academic Departmental Representative!!

In these past two years, I have held various positions in societies’ committees and have been chosen as the Wellbeing Representative in Year 1. I believe that I have gained enough leadership and organisational skills to become a trustworthy candidate for the role of Departmental Rep. As your future Departmental Representative, my primary goal will be to make sure that each one of your voices are clearly heard and cared for.

As your next Academic Departmental Rep, I will:
-Create a strong communication network within the undergraduate students of each year and their relevant year reps in order to make sure that any problems or concerns you’re facing is addressed and is given the required attention it needs
-Develop an online network in order for you to address your issues that you want to raise with the department more efficiently, easily and anonymously (if desired)
-Collaborate with ChemEng Soc and other year reps to organize more events that will attract more attention in general, building the ChemEng spirit the society and the department needs

Through the experiences I’ve gained in my first year as the Wellbeing Rep, in the various departmental roles I have taken, and the networks I’ve created with our staff, I believe that I’d be the perfect candidate for Departmental Representative.

Let’s make the next academic year an amazing one!!