Photo of Athanasios Charos

Athanasios Charos

Chemical Engineering: Departmental Academic Representative

Hi, I am ATHANASIOS CHAROS, but you may know me as THANOS. I am the current DepRep and I have decided to nominate again as I believe there are still some ways we can improve our department. As an academic rep, I have learned how our Department works, where to seek help and most importantly, how to most effectively communicate the issues my peers have, with the appropriate people.

This year some of our key endeavors were:
- Increase the department & society coordination. This was achieved by consulting each other on matters that affected the students, initiation of joint ventures and of course good communication. This year, I am planning to increase this coordination even further, especially in terms of social events outside the College.
- Refurbishing and equipping the new Chillout room. Following popular demand, a new bigger room was allocated to host our chillout room. With the latest addition of Xbox games, it now features a massive TV screen, stereo sound, darts and board games.

Of course, during countless meetings with the department, individual professors, the faculty and the union, I have helped resolve numerous issues that arose during the year.
If you have any suggestions or concerns, feel free to talk to me!

This year, we achieved important milestones in the department and I need your support to continue my effort!
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