Photo of Yuqing Wu

Yuqing Wu

Physics: Departmental Academic Representative

I'm Yuqing, currently on the Physics with Theoretical Physics course.

As a first-year, I aim to represent the voices of all year groups in the decision-making process - so everyone can make the most of their education here at Imperial. In light of the recent curriculum review, there have been many instances where the lectures have been confusing to students, and as Academic Rep I will make sure the transition between courses is as smooth as possible.

I wish to increase transparency within the academic representation system, by setting up an anonymised form anyone can fill out at any time - so your voices can all be heard! I also aim to send out monthly updates to all Physics students informing everyone of the newest developments. Furthermore, there are a wide range of methods you can contact me: emails, in-person, or private messaging, and I will make sure everything remains confidential.

I am a very organised person - I've been involved with a lot of clubs and societies this year, and was elected to co-leader of Eco-Careers (a branch of ESoc) and Secretary of the Wilson Hall Committee. In my previous school, I was heavily involved with student government activities, and I will continue representing PhySoc and keep the interests of our members at the forefront of all my activities.

Thank you for reading my manifesto,