Photo of Dewen Sun

Dewen Sun

Materials: Departmental Academic Representative

My fellow MSE students,
My name is Dewen Sun, one of the first-year academic reps. Being a first year, it might seem bold for me to stand for the department academic rep, as there are many more experienced candidates. However, I strongly believe that I have the qualities and skills required to take on the heavy duties that comes with it.

Despite my short time as a rep, I have gained sufficient experience for this position just like the other candidate. As our year is the first cohort to be introduced to the new curriculum, there has been many issues and adjustments that needed to be resolved during the past few months. Hence, I have developed the skills of communicating with the lecturers and the student office, raising possible solutions for the issues at hand, and negotiating between the need of the student body and the requirement of the department. With my experience in the new curriculum, I can also better guide the new first year reps next year.

I am a person who believes in actions and having the job done. If you were to grant me the honor of being you representative, I would guarantee you my persistence and hard work in return. Your views and opinions will be accurately and inclusively represented, and no effort will be spared to make sure that the possible changes in our academic life being planned and implemented.