Photo of Isabela Lopes

Isabela Lopes

Mechanical Engineering: Departmental Academic Representative

Hi! I’m Isabela, but you may know me as Bela. I have been the ME1 academic rep for this past year, which has given me plenty of experience listening to your complaints and actually doing something about them: call me crazy, but I actually enjoy doing it.
Well, you can ask any ME1 about what I’ve done, but to list a few things: I’ve had multiple deadlines (and an exam) pushed back, renegotiated grades, and am, along with the current dep rep, getting the crash courses recorded on Panopto. As a dep rep, I will be able to continue to facilitate our learning and further ameliorate the department!
This touches on another subject I have to address: Mechnet. I am only a first-year, yet I already cannot express the extent to which Mechnet has positively impacted my student life. As a dep rep, one of my key aims is to continue to work in close partnership with Mechnet.
Any ME1 will tell you how seriously I take suggestions and complaints: all I want is to make our lives easier. All you have to do is let me know what you need, and I will do my best to help - Mech Eng is already hard enough.