Photo of Dhabya Alfalasi

Dhabya Alfalasi

Mechanical Engineering: Departmental Academic Representative

Hi everyone! I'm Dhabya, and you may already know me as one of last year's Departmental Academic Representatives or as part of the driving force behind Mechnet.

As the departmental representative I hope to organise both departmental and extra-departmental events to support student learning and improve the overall student experience within MechEng.

In the past year as academic representative I have continuously advocated for Mechnet within the department; booking rooms for crash courses, organising alternative recording options when panopto wasn't available and, more recently, working with my fellow academic representatives to follow up with your panopto concerns at a faculty level. I am happy to say that panopto should now be available for (almost) all crash courses!

I strongly believe the Academic Representation Network is successful in ensuring our voice is effective. Being part of such an open and receptive department that is always keen on collaborating with students to consistently improve (a trait which I believe is unparalleled at the college) I look forward to engaging in debates and discussions to help introduce changes that will make a positive and meaningful contribution to our department!