Photo of Chang Cheng

Chang Cheng

Mechanical Engineering: Departmental Academic Representative

Hello! My name is Dani and I am running for the position of Departmental Academic Representative.
I have decided to run for this role after spending the past two years as Academic Year Representative, during which I have gained valuable insight into the department’s internal intricacies. For instance, I know which faculty members are more open to support student-led initiatives or who has a larger influence on different academic matters.
Beyond experience, I consider myself an outspoken person, keen to hold my ground in a debate. Though I believe the department is already fairly good at addressing student feedback, there will always be faculty members who need a little more persuasion.
As a Departmental Representative, I will also strive to further the department’s relationship with Mechnet. Helping them identify which modules/chapters are more troublesome and deliver more tailored and efficient Crash Courses throughout all year groups.

Thank you for reading my manifesto and I hope to count on your vote.