Photo of Yannis Panagis

Yannis Panagis

Electrical & Electronic Engineering: Departmental Academic Representative

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Yannis Panagis and I am running to be your Departmental Academic Representative in my final year at Imperial. I've been in the student representation network before, first as the Departmental Wellbeing Representative in my second year and this year as your third-year academic representative. Whoever you ask, I'm confident they will tell you I have always listened to their concerns, brought their suggestions forward and made their voices heard. Whether it has been with challenging deadlines or limited support in terms of material in a module, or personal/wellbeing related matters, I have always done my best to help and support you. In my final year, I hope to bring the same level of support and energy beyond the third year and to the entire EEE department to make your academic journey here at Imperial as memorable, fun, and obstacle-free as possible.