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Jeongin Yang

Electrical & Electronic Engineering: Departmental Academic Representative

Hello everyone! I am Jeongin Yang from Electrical and Electronic Engineering, candidate for Academic Representative this year.
As a first year student, I must confess: this course has been really tough to me so far. It was challenging to catch up with weekly labs, lectures, portfolios and tutorials - basically everything.
One of the toughest times I recall, is the time when we had to work on our programming portfolio alongside our mid-term tests. Thanks to our Year Academic Representative who communicated this difficulty to the professor, we were able to spend more time and produce a better quality work with less stress on us. That was when I realised that this role, which facilitates effective communication between the students and the academic staff, is crucial to improve the quality of our education as well as our welfare.
Today, I ask you to let me be the bridge that connects you with the academic staff. From my previous experience as a class chairperson and a school club leader, I have grown to become an active listener. I promise that I can be someone whom you can approach easily and depend on to share any academic problem you face (most probably, I will relate to your problem). No matter how trivial your problem may seem, I will value every one of your opinions and make sure to get feedback. Moreover, I will communicate with the staff constantly and be prompt in providing you with information that can help us academically.