Photo of Arijit Bhattacharyya

Arijit Bhattacharyya

Electrical & Electronic Engineering: Departmental Academic Representative

Hi everybody! I'm Arijit and I am currently a 2nd year EEE student.

After having been the 2nd Year Academic Rep for this year I have decided to run for the Academic Departmental Representative.

I have enjoyed being the 2nd Year Rep, as it has allowed me to talk to lots of people in my own cohort and help them out with their personal academic-related problems. This role has also given me the confidence to discuss issues, which have been raised by the students, in the Student Staff committee meetings and to compromise on solutions which aim to benefit everyone.

Now I would like to go one step further and try to help even more people within the EEE department. As an Academic Dep Rep, my responsibilities would be to ensure that all years of students are happy with the content being taught in our department.

My main aims will still be to ensure that your views are fairly and inclusively represented and to keep you all up to date with any changes, developments or progress made. However, I would also now lead the Year Rep team, meet with them regularly to discuss feedback from students, and help them to address issues that they receive.

I believe that given my current experience, the Dep Rep position will be a great fit for me and I will do my absolute best to ensure your views are heard.