Photo of Codrin Cotarlan

Codrin Cotarlan

Computing: Departmental Academic Representative

Hello, my name is Codrin Cotarlan and I'm a first year Computing student. I applied for this position because I enjoy helping the other students and I want to make a change in the department. But why me?

My experience as a first year Academic Rep suits me for this position. I have held a strong connection with the lecturers in my year, giving feedback and relaying any problems my cohort experienced. I have constantly gathered information and actively contributed to the courses, such as increasing awareness of the new websites we use (such as Materials), extending various coursework timelines and followed up on any advice given to me.

As a Departmental Representative I will be in constant touch with both the lecturers and the students and ensure a good flow of information between the two sides.

I don't have anything else to add, so I wish you a great day!