Photo of Rhys Rickard-Frost

Rhys Rickard-Frost

Civil & Environmental Engineering: Departmental Academic Representative

Hey everyone!

I’m Rhys, a 3rd-year student who is running to be your Department Representative for the next academic year! Having already spent a year in CivSoc as your events officer I know exactly what it takes to be a successful committee member. I’ve spent the last year juggling my role as events officer alongside my studies (and a serious Netflix addiction), and if elected would love to add DepRep to the mix.

If elected as DepRep I will be your voice in the student-staff year, faculty, and union meetings, ensuring that you get the high-quality education you deserve from such an illustrious university. I already have an incredibly close relationship with many of the academic staff. For example last summer I worked on a project with Professor Templeton (the director of undergraduate studies), additionally, I took my January exams in the Undergraduate Office due to illness thus- albeit through a rather odd route, have an extremely close relationship with Tina, Anna, and Louise. This would allow me to better implement the changes you all wish to see, and make your time at Imperial that little bit smoother 😊

I would thoroughly enjoy being your DepRep next year and would be incredibly grateful for your vote!