Photo of Yuan Chen

Yuan Chen

Chemistry: Departmental Academic Representative

Hi! I am Ada Chen, the current academic year rep for 2nd year standing for the Departmental Academic Rep position for the 2020-2021 academic year.
In the past two years, I have been deeply inspired by our fellow chemists’ motivation on archiving academic excellence and the department’s endeavour in providing the best environment to support us. I would love an opportunity to act as the catalyst for optimising everyone’s learning experience, which this role offers. Having been the academic year rep for two years, I believe that I have developed the skills necessary for this role: effectively communication and how to push for positive changes.

As the departmental rep, the focus of my work will be promoting communication, both between students and staff, and amongst different year groups. I will:

1) Implement an anonymous feedback system outside of the year group meetings so that the issues can be raised and solved on time.
2) Work closely with Chemsoc to improve upon the current Mum and Dad Scheme and organise more Mum and Dad events to help establish a stronger, longer lasting connection within the
Chemistry family.
3) Work closely with the department to promote a stronger alumni network, which help current students establish their research and industry connection and create a sense of belonging for the
past students

Please give me a chance to make changes to the department for the best. I will never cease to work for everyone’s academic experience and I will never let you down!