Photo of Andres Martin Diaz

Andres Martin Diaz

Chemistry: Departmental Academic Representative

Hey guys! Andy here.

This year I will be running for joint Academic/Wellbeing dep rep with Francesca. We want to be the smiley faces you can see and stop in the corridor to chat about anything. We want to be the bridge between you guys and staff to make sure that your voices are heard.

We've been the year reps for the past two years and now we want to step it up a level and represent the department as a whole. We already know the ins and outs and all of the staff members, so we'll be able to help you with any issues you might encounter. We are always in the department or can be found somewhere on campus, so you can always come to us with anything regardless of your year. Apart from handling all the academic concerns, we will try to introduce a lot of new schemes and events to hopefully make your weeks a bit less dull (and we're always open to suggestions from you guys on what you want to see happening/changing).

We promise that your concerns will not go unnoticed and to always push for changes you want to see happening!


Andy and Cesca