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Ahhyun Jeong

Chemistry: Departmental Academic Representative

Hi, I am Ahhyun in second year.
I am highly interested in the student experience and would like to gain opportunities. While I am greatly enjoying my time at Imperial College London, there are always rooms for improvement and I would like to gain an opportunity to improve our academic experience.

1. Student reviews for the elective modules - all modules in third & fourth year are elective and the feedback from previous years attract considerable interests amongst the students. However, at the moment, the SOLE statistics are the only source which provide little information Hence, an anonymous survey would be useful.
2. More TAs (Teaching Assistants) - typically, each problem class has one lecturer and 1-2 TAs. This is usually not enough to fulfil all the demands for help and I would propose at least 2-3 TAs per problem class for the best productivity.
3. A "good" sample lab report - currently, there is a sample lab report available at the blackboard, but the it is only intended to show the expected format of the lab report and does not demonstrate how a "good" lab report should look like. A "good" sample lab report would be useful to find out what is expected, learn and improve our writing skills.

I am open to any further feedback from you, and I promise to share all the concerns that are raised in the meetings. I would greatly appreciate your votes and wish you all the best luck!